What The World Needs Now is a Whisterpoop.

What the world needs now is a whisterpoop?  What is a whisterpoop you ask?  According to the popular game “Balderdash”, it is a swift smack to the side of the head.  Black Friday is the day that we run over our neighbors to get the latest toys, only one day after being thankful for what we already possess.  If you were to take electronic devices away from teenagers (and unfortunately most adults) they act like you just cut them off of life support.  We have become a society of people who are always looking down at our phones, as if they are going to do something magical or spectacular.  If I thought that my iPhone was going to do a little dance and get down all by itself – I would watch with great anticipation.  Much to my dismay, there is not an app for that.  Most of the time when my phone makes a sound, it is to notify me that someone has sent me a text, email, or they like something on Facebook.  All of which, takes a backseat to priorities when I am driving a car or drinking a Pepsi. 

             If someone were to give this world a swift smack to the side of the head, the world would never see it coming because it would be looking down.  That’s what happens when you get zoned out in your phone and are unaware of your surroundings.  Hold on, I need to finish the next level of Candy Crush before I finish this article.  Anyway, where was I?  Since the invention of ADD and ADHD, the world has slowly become more and more irresponsible.  I had all the symptoms of ADD when I was in Middle School, but back then it was called “daydreaming” and “loafing off.”  We can’t call it that today because it would be politically incorrect and take money away from certain pharmaceutical companies. 

Passing off personal responsibility is literally the oldest trick in the book.  Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden.  Eve then blamed the serpent (Satan) for tempting her to eat it.  Flip Wilson would later revise Eve’s excuse and say “the Devil made me do it.”  These days, we don’t put the blame on anyone, we just say, “I’m not guilty, but sick.”  Court cases have found people “not guilty” by reason of insanity.  If that works in a court of law, how come it never worked for me when I got a speeding ticket?  “I’m sorry I was speeding Officer.  While I was driving another personality took over my body and made me hit the gas instead of the brake.  Don’t blame me for what someone else did.”  In the history of my driving career, I have given excuses much better than that one – and some of them even worked.

Basically, it is time for all of us to man up and take responsibility for our own actions.  If you did something wrong, own it, and do what you can to make it right.  You can’t change the past or decisions that you have made, but you can make better decisions today which will make for a better tomorrow.

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